Pollination Communications

Get your message out there

At Pollination Communications we believe that good messaging can be just as powerful as an excellent product, idea or service. We are here to support your organization with the know-how and tools to be seen. Like pollination in the natural world, we use strategic communications to get your message to the right recipient and watch the fruits of your labor grow. 

Chelsea Kellogg has been a communicator for over 15 years. She began her career as a journalist and creative writer. After managing a literary magazine and working at a small alternative weekly newspaper in Seattle, she moved into public relations. Chelsea built a foundation in technology PR working on Microsoft consumer brands and ultimately helped launch Windows 10. 

In 2016, Chelsea was called to use her skills helping local government tackle urgent issues. In her time working for the Seattle Mayor she directed marketing campaigns, trained spokespeople, built and managed rapid response teams, launched City initiatives totaling over $1B and managed high profile public-private sector rollouts. As a member of the executive team, she was a trusted leader on braiding policy objectives with communications strategy. 

Using her experience developing executive communications and supporting C-suite level officials, Chelsea is skilled at leveraging compelling messengers to advance business objectives. From landing interviews on MSNBC, CNN and NPR to cultivating relationships with niche beat reporters, she has been a media savvy liaison for numerous principals. 

Chelsea lives with her husband, son and two dogs on Bainbridge Island. In her spare time she enjoys rowing, gardening and exploring the natural wonders of the Olympic peninsula.